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Getting a Life

Downtime is crucial for peak performance. If you are anything like me, you find that sometimes you get so focused on doing something at work, that you all your mind and efforts into that project and as a result, there … Continue reading

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Leading With a Limp

The truth is that some of the very best leaders are those who have a limp of some nature.  I’m not talking about any type of physical limp, I’m talking about people who have a previous injury of some other … Continue reading

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You Have to Make Fitness a Priority: 6 Ways to Find Time and Stay Motivated for Fitness

So this morning was day 1 of my new commitment to working out.  I am doing this to lose weight and to get in better shape.  I am doing this so that I can look and feel better.  For myself … Continue reading

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Stop the Maddness!

So we are at the time of the year where we as people traditionally do the very worst job of eating right.  With that being said, trying to share a blog about eating healthier seems like a terrible idea right?  … Continue reading

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