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Procrastination: Does it Really Make it Easier?

It’s happened again.  We think we are going to finally get our work done at a reasonable hour within a reasonable time, but instead we spent our time doing something else that we thought would be a little more fun … Continue reading

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Getting Rid of the Frogs (Part 14)

In Part 1 of this blog series we looked at Exodus 8 and how Pharaoh waited a day to have Moses ask God to get rid of the frogs.  Carrying unforgiveness around in your heart is like carrying a bunch … Continue reading

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Accountability: The Secret to Winning in Life

There is no doubt that accountability is the hidden secret of high performing individuals and high performing organizations. Webster’s Dictionary defines accountability as the quality or state of being accountable; an obligation or willingness to accept responsibility for one’s actions. … Continue reading

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