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Is the Bible the Inspired Word of God?

A couple of weeks ago, someone shared an email with me that had an amazing narrative on the validity of the bible.  I thought the points were great and it is something that everyone should read so I decided to … Continue reading

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His Glory, Not Others

We have an intimate desire to be praised by others.  We like to have our work and our accomplishments to be praised.  Often, the things that get the most praise from others are contrary to the ways of God.  Instead … Continue reading

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Oven Baked BBQ Chicken

Summer is a great time to have chicken, especially BBQ chicken.  BBQ chicken can get pretty messy on the grill though.  Here is an alternative that you can use that will make BBQ chicken much easier to make.  The best … Continue reading

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Cowboy was His Name

Earlier this week, a great cowboy passed away.  John Freese was the closest thing to a real cowboy that I have ever known.  John was loved by so many, which was so evident at the beginning of May when I attended … Continue reading

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Reaching Out This Summer

Sometimes as Christ followers, we can find that we can get somewhat introverted.  We don’t mean to, maybe we just get busy.  It may be also due to the fact that we can get very comfortable with our own lives … Continue reading

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Father’s Day Facts

I hope everyone had an enjoyable Father’s Day.  Hopefully you got to spend some time with your dad or if you are a father, with your kids. I traveled back to Waterloo this past weekend and was able to spend some … Continue reading

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Helping Us Finish Our Race

Unlike Carl Lewis and Daley Thompson, Derek Redmond is not a name that conjures up memories of Olympic gold medals.  But it is Redmond who defines the essence of the human spirit. Redmond arrived at the 1992 Olympic Summer Games … Continue reading

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