I Don’t Want to Go Out: Top 20 Indoor Activities

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Feeling fidgety after too many days of being stuck inside?  It’s no fun going out when it is cold and the wind is blowing.  Just because you can’t go out does not mean that you can’t have some fun though.  Here is my list of 20 things you can do inside that can really be a blast:

Rock Climbing

You can rent the gear, get a lesson, and start climbing all in the same hour at an indoor rock gym.  Start with bouldering, then get your belay on with some friends.


Grab your lab goggles, sweat bands, and friends for a tournament of absurdity all while staying indoors.  You can even play without rules if you don’t know what they are.  Just smack the ball and chase it around.  It is great exercise.  It is guaranteed calorie-burning fun.

Just Dance

The Wii version.  We know one of your friends owns this if you don’t so take advantage of it.  Get the party started with a dance-off.  Be sure you put a cell phone ban on though so people don’t have to worry about getting recorded and finding themselves on You Tube.

Bounce House

See if any local bounce houses have an adults only time slot.  If so, request some House of Pain from the DJ and “Jump Around.”

Watch a Movie

There are always plenty of movies playing.  Go and check out your favorite one.  Be sure you get some popcorn.

Local Theatre

Support your local actors and actresses by attending a winter production.  Besides, sho doesn’t need a little drama from time to time, right?

Cooking Class

Go get yourself some real cooking skills.  Cooking skills are always a useful thing to have.  It is also great thing to know how to do to make new friends.  Check closely in your area, there is more available than you might think. 

Indoor Pool

Book a net for some water volleyball with your friends.  You can breathe in the chlorine sent and send some serious spikes, which will work your abs in the process.

Disco Bowl

Grab your medallions and fake mustaches then Electric Slide to your local bowling alley for some retro fun.  It’s dyn-o-mite.

Laser Tag

It’s like a real, live video game, but without blood or agitated birds.  Be sure to watch your blind side.


It’s way too cold to sit outside at night, so head off to your local planetarium to relax and see the stars.  They usually have a pretty cool, cheesy light show to go with it.


It might be boring to some, but some really enjoy reading.  Get caught up in some great story and pass the hours away.


If you love to sing and like being around friends, going to your local establishment and doing karaoke can be a blast.  Try not to make too big of a fool of yourself.

Work Out/Lift Weights

Usually when you go work out at a fitness center, it is indoors so that makes winter a perfect season to keep a regular schedule of working out.  It is great for your health and it is a great stress reliever.


Basketball is a game that is meant to be played indoors.  It can be a lot of fun playing a pick up game with your friends.  If you don’t have any friends who want to go, you can always make new friends by joining another team.

Martial Arts Class

Everybody was kung fu fighting.  This is a great way to relieve stress.  You can take a couple of classes and you would be surprised how quickly you can advance your skills.

Indoor Mini Golf

Mini gold can be played indoors as well as outdoors.  There are some courses that are indoors so don’t let the cold weather keep you from working on your golf game.

Art Class

You too can be a Bob Ross.  There are so many different forms of art.  Just find one that appeals to you.  It is a great way to express yourself!

Learn How to Play an Instrument

Learning how to play an instrument can be a lot of fun.  You could take piano or guitar lessons.  If you played an instrument in high school, maybe it is time to learn how to play it again.  If you can’t afford to buy an instrument, there are places you can rent instruments.

Go to Church

It is never a bad idea to go to church.  Since most churches meet indoors, winter is as good of a time as any to make sure you get to church regularly.  You can’t use good weather as an excuse.

These activities are good for kids, college-age, and adults.  They can be a lot of fun and help cure those cold weather blues.  Try one of them this week.

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