50 Amazing Facts about Social Media

Social media gets a lot of buzz, and it builds a lot of buzz too.  Many people are turning into social media addicts.  In today’s blog I would like to share with you the following 50 amazing facts about Social Media from across all of your favorite platforms.  The following facts about Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, social media influence platforms, and the mobile web will open your eyes to how big social sites truly are:

1.)    Facebook has nearly 901 million users.

2.) Twitter users send out over a billion tweets in a week.

3.) Over 60% of LinkedIn members live outside the United States.

4.) About a quarter of Twitter users check the site several times daily.

5.) You can access LinkedIn in 17 languages.

6.) YouTube gets about 10% of total internet traffic.

7.) Instagram has over 30 million users.

8.) 97% of Pinterest’s Facebook likes are from Female users.

9.) About 20% of Google + users list “student” as their current occupation.

10.) Of all the social media influence measuring tools, Klout is by far the most well-known.

11.) Over three quarters of mobile phone users do web searches from their mobile phones.

12.) More than 2 million companies have a profile page on LinkedIn.

13.) Not even 10% of internet users in the US use Twitter.

14.) It would take well over 1000 years to watch every video on YouTube.

15.) Over 65% of Google + users are men.

16.) Each day, over 200,000 videos on YouTube are played on mobile devices.

17.) Pinterest received over 10 million unique visitors to the site faster than any other website before.

18.) When Instagram came to Android, the app was downloaded over 1 million times in one day.

19.) There are 2 Billion YouTube video views daily.

20.) Twitter sees about a billion new accounts added each and every day.

21.) Facebook users “Like” about 2.7 billion things each day.

22.) The mobile web is now surfed much more than users of desktop computers.

23.) The US has the most Twitter users, but Brazil comes in second.

24.) The fastest growing groups on LinkedIn are people who are still students or have recently graduated.
or in choosing what they purchase is Facebook25.) In every minute, there is about 48 hours of new video uploaded to YouTube.

25.) In every minute, there is about 48 hours of new video uploaded to YouTube

26.) 69% of users decide who to follow based on their friends’ recommendations.

27.) One out of every five page views on the internet is a Facebook page.

28.) Mobile web searches have quadrupled in number since 2010.

29.) A publicly held company, LinkedIn started out in a living room in 2002.

30.) If you follow your Klout score, you should know that more than 50 variables come together to determine your score.

31.) The average YouTube visitor spends about 15 minutes on the popular site.

32.) Instagram is being acquired by Facebook for USD $1 Billion.

33.) So far in 2012, daily use of Pinterest has gone up almost 150%.

34.) Most Google + users are in the United States, but the second highest amount is in India.

35.) LinkedIn gets 2 new members every second.

36.) The average Facebook user will have 132 friends.

37.) There are more than 1 million groups on LinkedIn.

38.) Blogging continues to grow as about 3 million new blogs are introduced the world each month.

39.) 25 to 34 year olds make up the biggest demographic using Pinterest.

40.) President Barak Obama is an Instagram user; he joined up in January 2012.

41.) There is only one person with a perfect Klout score of 100: Justin Bieber.

42.) Twitter handles more searches from its users than the Yahoo! and Bing search engines combined.

43.) If you want your link to be shared on Facebook, you should make it about sex; links about sex are shared about 90% more than other types of links.

44.) If all the Twitter users relocated to and formed their own country, the resulting nation would be the 12th largest country in the world.

45.) About 5 million images are uploaded daily to Instagram.

46.) The Google + +1 button is used about 5 billion times daily.

47.) With about 1 billion smartphone users, China leads the world in smartphone use.

48.) Approximately 350 million people are actually addicted to Facebook.

49.) A “professional” blogger will have four blogs on average.

50.) When Americans shop, 47% of them say that their biggest factor in choosing what they purchase is Facebook.

Those are some pretty amazing statistics aren’t they?  I think it is clear that social media is not going away.  The forms of social media we use will definitely evolve, but social media is here to stay.  We are now connected with the world in a way that we have never been at anytime in history.  The question is, how will you use it?

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