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Discovering Your Purpose: Make a Difference During Your Time Here on Earth. This One is For You Coach!

What is my purpose here on earth?  That might be one of the most commonly asked question ever throughout all of history.  Make money, be happy, be a father or mother, accumulate stuff, help others?  How do I know I am doing what I … Continue reading

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Keeping Rabbits Cool

One of the cool things associated with my job is working with the rabbit plant that my company owns.  Yes, we slaughter rabbits, but I get to work with the funner side of that.  I get to work with the … Continue reading

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All Good Leaders Should “Let Your People Go”

When Moses asked Pharoah to “let his people go,” he definitely had the right idea, but for an entirely different purpose.  I know that this association is pretty weak, but it is my blog and this is what I came up … Continue reading

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Having a Vision: It’s More Than Just a Statement

Today we are going to be talking about vision statements.  Every good company needs to have a vision statement.  Really, every person needs to have a vision statement for their life as well. If you began developing your vision by … Continue reading

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Wrote a Song for Everyone

For today’s song, I would like to feature my favorite CCR song.  I would call CCR my third favorite group of all time behind the Beatles and the Doors.  I think this song is the perfect mixture of country and blues.  … Continue reading

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Grilled Pizza on Portobello Crust

I know that there are a lot of people who like pizza.  This is a very healthy version of pizza that youcan eat and not feel guilty about eating a lot of calories.  This is something that even vegetarians can … Continue reading

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Pitfalls of Leadership

Sometimes it seems like those in leadership positions can easily be taken down.  If you ever played king of the hill when you were a kid you know that when you are at the top, there will always be people … Continue reading

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The Geese And The Snowstorm

A few weeks ago, I was emailed this story.  I thought it was wonderful so I wanted to share it with everyone.  It really puts a different spin on how we see things that God does for us. There was … Continue reading

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Give or Take: What Are You Going To Do With the Control

Recently, I was looking through the book Hey Leader, Wake Up and Hear the Feedback! by Eric Harvey.  Eric and his team surveyed hundreds of thousands of leaders and individual contributors around the world and selected 145 of the best responses … Continue reading

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Goodbye My Lover

We have all been through bad breakups.  For whatever reason, a relationship does not last and it comes to an end and it never seems to go well when it does end.  Sometimes we are on the giving end of … Continue reading

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