What Should I Say? (Part 7)

The bible tells us to be ready to give a good answer to anyone who asks for the reason for the hope we have in Christ.

If someone asks about your Christian hope, always be ready to explain it.  But do this in a gentle and respectful way.

                                                                              1 Peter 3:15-16

But the New Testament also challenges us to “knock down the strongholds of human reasoning and destroy false arguments.”

For example, atheist Richard Dawkins likes to tell Christians that “the onus is on you to say why you believe in something.”  He thinks that since we’re the ones making the claim, it is our job to show why that claim is true.

You could reply, “You say that the onus is on me because I believe in something?  Well, what about the Holocaust?  who is the onus on regarding that the people who believe it or the people who deny it?”

When it comes to well-known facts of history like the Holocaust, it is the small minority denying common knowledge who bear the burden of proof.  Similarly, in a world where the vast majority of people believe in God, and in which many strong arguments have been made for His existence, I say that it’s the people who deny this common knowledge who would bear the burden of proof.

John Piper says, “Many people who demand that Christians produce proof of our claims do not make the same demand upon themselves.”

I agree that we should help answer questions to anyone who has them about God or your faith, but maybe you don’t have to bear the burden of proof.  They are the ones who will eventually have to develop their own faith if they want to believe.

Hopefully, you have found this series to be helpful to you.  It is never easy to answer questions that people ask you about your faith and what you believe in.  Hopefully, some of these ideas given in this series will be helpful to you the next time someone starts asking you questions.

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Most of the people who visit this blog already know me so it is kind of pointless to try to describe my life in this short little blurb. What is the purpose of this blog is the question. Over the course of this last year I have been exposed to some amazing people and have made personal development an important focus of my life. Being successful, not by the world's standards, but by God's has become my main focus. Mainly, I want to work to develop myself as a person who is kinder, reaches out to help those in need, and truly makes a difference in this world. To this end I am constantly reading and am exposed to so many differnet things along the way. These have been amazing and it is helping me grow so much. Then I started to think, "Why am I being so selfish?" You need to share with others these amazing things you are learning and being exposed to. That is where this blog comes into play. As I am reading and experiencing things that are truly amazing and life changing, I will be posting them on this blog. Obviously, I will not be able to post everything in it's entirity, but I will be summarizing them and letting you know the source of the article or book they come from so you can check them out later if you wish. I want this blog to be a place where you can go to often and be inspired and leave here with a smile on your face. I will be covering all kinds of different topics dealing with success and personal development. Topics like taking action, relationships, living to your potential, reinventing yourself, finances, leadership, presenting, goal setting, time management, etc. I will also be occasionally including topics on cooking, music, and gardening because they are special interests of mine. As a little disclaimer, I have given my life to the Lord and he is #1 in my life. I am his servant and everything I do in life is for his glory. With that being said, religion influences all areas of my life. There will be references to God in this blog because I can't seperate God from this or any other area of my life. I want you to know that if you do not believe in God, that is fine. That is your choice. This blog is open to anyone who wants to better their life. I will not be trying to influence or pressure anyone into having a relationship with the Lord from this site. Please don't feel uncomfortable. You can just read the portions of the blog that you wish to. I am inviting you to go on a journey with me. We will learn together to be the kind of people we were designed to be. Anyone can make a difference in this world, but it starts%
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2 Responses to What Should I Say? (Part 7)

  1. “who is the onus on regarding that the people who believe it or the people who deny it?””

    It’s on the people who believe it. But their onus has been met by piles of evidence. So much so that Holocaust deniers can be laughed at.

    “and in which many strong arguments have been made for His existence, I say that it’s the people who deny this common knowledge who would bear the burden of proof.”

    And I say that I don’t believe your arguments are strong, and I see no evidence.

    • wmarsau says:

      The purpose of this blog series was not to prove or disprove the existence of God. There really is no 100% proof for or against the existence of God. It is simply a matter of what one chooses to believe.

      In this blog series, I was trying to open up the readers minds to consider some things that they may not have considered before when you are asked questions about your faith. The strength of the arguments and or evidence given was never really the point. There really is no point in trying to convince anyone about the existence of God since ultimately, everyone has to make their own choice on the matter.

      I really do appreciate your response to this blog and I am so glad that you took the time to read and consider it. I hope you do continue reading the blogs and providing good solid responses. Your feedback is very valuable to me for my continued development as a writer. Thanks so much!

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