Top 15 Love Songs

Keeping with the theme of love this Valentine’s week, a week that has been devoted to the topic of love on my blogs, I thought it would be fitting to end the week with some love songs.

Love is the most written about topic in songs.  That is because music has a way of expressing our feelings of love to others better than even words can.

There have been thousands upon thousands of love songs written throughout the centuries.  Some amazing, some great, some good, some cheesy, some even downright terrible.  I decided that on today’s blog, I would like to present you with my top 15 love songs.  Notice I said my top 15.  I’m not saying that this is the best 15 love songs ever written, but these are just my favorites.  I’m sure that you have your own top 15.  Some of mine you might agree with some of mine and some you may not.  I would love if you would like to share your top 15 love songs on this blog.  There might be some that I might have added to my list, but I just could not think of them.  Anyway, I hope you enjoy my top 15.  Please note that these are in no particular order.

Real Love by the Beatles.  This is a song that John was working on.  Following John’s murder in late 1980, 7 takes of this demo song were found in his Dakota Apartment.  Here is one of those original takes done by John on guitar.  There is also an original version done by John on piano.  When the Beatles came together in the 1990’s to work on their Anthology project, the remaining 3 Beatles took this recording and expounded upon it and sang and played along with this recording.  Even though the group had disbanded over 20 years previously, in this song they came back together one more time to do a song together.  Every time I hear this song, it brings a tear to my eye.  Despite their differences, these 4 men had a great love for each other and it really comes through in this song.  The group will never be again, but at least we have all their lovely and moving songs to remember them by.

Endless Love by Lionel Richie.  It was originally sung as a duet between Lionel Richie and Diana Ross as the theme song for the movie Endless Love starring Brooke Shields that came out in 1981.  I think it is just a beautiful ballad speaking of love.

I Will Always Love You by Whitney Houston.  This song was originally written by Dolly Parton, but I think that Whitney just takes this song out of the building.  I have always loved this song from the time I first saw the Bodyguard.  I would have picked this song anyway, but it seems a fitting tribute considering her death less than a week ago.  We lost a really great voice, but she lives on in the amazing songs she blessed us with.

True Love Ways by Buddy Holly.  To be quite honest with you, this might be the greatest love song ever performed.  It has a simplicity that makes it simply elegant.  It brings us back to a simpler time.  It is hard to pick an absolute favorite love song, but this is mine.  We really lost something special back in the late 50’s, but Buddy will never be forgotten.   

God Bless the Broken Road by Rascal Flatts.  Jeff Jenkins has one of the most beautiful tenor voices I have ever heard.  They just kick on this song.  It is a song about life and how we don’t always pick the right road all the time, but hopefully the road we take will one day take us to that special someone.

Eternal Flame by the Bangles.  When I was a kid in the 80’s, this was one of my favorite songs.  I just loved the Bangles.  All girl band.  Cool!  This is a really cool version from more recent.  They still rock!

Lullabye by Billy Joel.  When I was a child playing piano, I learned this song.  The middle chord progression is absolutely hypnotic.  This has to be one of the most beautiful basic piano songs ever written.  So simple.  It really makes me think about the fact that we are only here for a little while.  Make it count!  Such a departure from Piano Man.  I just love it!

Angels Among Us by Alabama.  This is a song that I was exposed to when I was in high school.  What a great message of love.  God’s love and how he sends angels to us everyday to guide and protect us.  I don’t know about you, but that makes me feel reassured.

The Luckiest by Ben Folds.  I really got into Ben Folds as a performer about 5 years ago.  He was like a modern-day Elton John to me.  I remember when I was driving through Western Iowa the first time I heard this song.  It just blew me away.  I couldn’t stop playing it.  What a tribute to what true love is.

A Long Long Time by Linda Ronstadt.  Going back a little bit here.  This song has some of the saddest notes and lyrics you have ever heard.  If you listen closely to the lyrics, it tells of a love that never could be.  It was fine for the one person, but for the person who loved, it broke their heart.  I am including this song because it talks of the strength of love even when it does not work out.  Emotions just come out sometimes.  By the way, I think that Linda has one of the best female voices ever. 

In Your Eyes by Peter Gabriel.  Who could ever forget the movie Say Anything and the scene when John Cusak is holding the boom box above his head.  What a great song.  I absolutely just love the live version of this song.

Smoke Gets in Your Eyes by the Platters. OK, I will admit that this song is a little before my time, but what a beautiful love song.  I can just imagine dancing to this song.  What a great tenor voice.  Definitely a love classic.

Open Arms by Journey.  No song list would be complete without a Journey song.  Actually, this is my very favorite Journey song.  If you listen to the lyrics, it is a great love song.  It really makes me wish that I had Steve Perry’s voice.  Can you imagine serenading a girl with this song?  Wow!

Crush by Dave Matthews Band.   Ok, so this is my dark horse pick.  Probably not the first song you think of when you think of love songs, but the more you think about it, it is a really great love song.  Great melodic voice.

Always on my Mind by Willie Nelson.  This is a classic.  No one can sing them like Willie can.  You don’t normally think about love songs when you think about Willie Nelson, but I think this song definitely is and that is why this song made the list.

There you have it.  My Top 15 love songs of all time.  I hoped you enjoyed listening to them as much as I did!

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