Game 5: ISU at Baylor

Baylor 49  ISU 26

ISU traveled to Waco, TX for a game against a tough Baylor squad who was coming off a last second loss to Kansas State the Week before.  To put it simply, Baylor was just too fast for us and it really showed.  There were three crucial plays that happened during this game that i thought really made a difference in the outcome. 

The first occurred midway through the second quarter.  Robert Griffen III, the Baylor QB, on a snap from the ISU 15 yard line fumbled the ball and Iowa State recovered.  After reviewing  the play, the officials determined that his arm was moving forward just inches when the apparent fumble occurred and they ruled it an incomplete pass.  On the very next play, RG III threw a touchdown pass.  Prior to this play, ISU was up 14-0.  This made the score 14-7.  There are 7 points that were against us.

The second crucial play occurred midway through the third quarter.  ISU was moving the ball on offense trailing 28-14 and Baylor forced a Steele Jantz fumble that Baylor returned 86 yards for a touchdown to put Baylor up 35-14.  They reviewed the play, but determined that Steele’s knee was not down yet and was therefore a fumble.  There is another 7 points against us.

The third crucial play occurred with 8:08 left in the 4th quarter.  ISU just scored on a touchdown pass from Jantz to Reynolds.  Coach Rhoads decided to go for an onside kick.  The play was executed perfectly, but offsides was called on ISU.  Upon closer review, it was determined that Mohoney’s plant foot was the only thing past the line of scrimmage when the ball was kicked.  Another missed opportunity.  I am not going to say that these were the wrong calls, but when calls like this go against you, especially several times in one game, it makes it very hard to win a game, especially on the road.

Offense  C

In this game Baylor and ISU combined for 1,028 yards of total offense.  Baylor had 603 yards and Iowa State had 425 yards.  On a good note, ISU started the game strong.  They opened with a fleaflicker from Jantz to Reynolds on the very first play on offense.  Reynold had 3 catches for 77 of the 82 yard first drive and it ended with a 10 yard Jantz to Reynolds touchdown pass to put the Clones up 7-0.  This was the first ISU score in the first quarter all season.  In the second quarter they had a 9 play 75 yard drive and went up on a one yard TD pass from Jantz to Branderhorst. 

With Shontrelle Johnson out for this game, James White stepped up big time and had 151 yards rushing including a 75 yard TD run in the third quarter.  He did not fumble the ball this week and stepped up big time.  Jantz contributed 57 yards rushing for the Clones.

Steele Jantz threw was 17-35 for 244 yards passing.  He threw 3 TD passes and had one interception.  He did not play too bad, but he still needs to play better.  In the third quarter, ISU was driving and Jantz fumble for the 86 yard TD return just can’t happen.  We can’t turn the ball over in those circumstances.  I know that Jantz is trying to make a play, but he has to do a better job of protecting the ball.

Reynolds had a very quality game with 7 catches for 178 yards.  He made big plays when he had too.  He has to continue to make more though.  I would consider him and James White the Offensive MVPs of this game.

In the end, the offense could not move the ball consistently.  THey had 17 first downs on 15 offensive possessions.  The offense had way too many 3 and outs and did not do a good job of keeping our defense off the field.  We can’t do that and continue to play well.  Overall, I thought the offense was very disappointing.

Defense  C-

OK, let’s talk about the good first.  The defense did an outstanding job to start the game and held Baylor scoreless during the whole first quarter.  This is very tough to do with an offense as high-powered as Baylor’s.  The defense forced 2 Baylor fumbles in the second quarter to prevent scored that helped keep us in the game. 

They looked very gritty at times.  It is tough though when the defense is on the field for 36 minutes of the game.  On a great note, Knott played outstanding, having 18 tackles for the game.  He was definitely the defensive MVP of the game and just plays with so much heart.  He is fun to watch.  I thought that Leonard Johnson also played a very solid game.

Now for the bad.  After starting the 1st quarter holding Baylor scoreless, the defense gave up 21 points in the second quarter.  The defense ended up allowing 353 yards of offense including 218 rushing in the first half.  For the game we allowed RGIII to pass for 212 yards and to rush for over 100 yards which is not good.  Baylor had 395 yards rushing for the game and we allowed Ganaway, Baylor’s RB to gain 200 yards rushing.  You simply, can’t let a team run the ball like that and expect to win a game or even have your defense hold up for that matter.

At one point we had a 3rd down stop nullified by an offsides penalty.  We have to find a way to get our defense to the sidelines and get them a break.  Despite some terrific individual efforts, the defense played very poorly throughout.

Special Teams  C-

For the first game this season, I thought the special teams played very poorly.  VanDerKamp had 8 punts, but only a 42.6 average which is below what he is capable of.  Lentz was solid with punt and KO returns, but nothing too impressive.  Grant Mahoney missed 2 extra point attempts.  REALLY!  There is no excuse for that.  That would be a bad night for a high school kicker, let alone a Div. 1 kicker.  He should simply be sick because I know I am.  For the season, Mahoney and Guyer have combined for 2-6 FG for the season.  Sorry, but that makes me want to puke.  That is just not acceptable. 

Overall  C-

Overall, I would say that the kicking game, penalties, and inconsistent offense were the keys to us losing that games.  Somehow we have got to find a kicker who can kick the ball consistently.  Maybe it is time for open try outs on the campus.  These kickers have shown that they can’t be trusted.  Penalties have plagued us all season.  Somehow we have to stop shooting ourselves in the foot.  Somehow, we have to find a way to stay on the field on offense and off the field on defense.  We have the capability of playing much better as a team and that is the most disappointing part to me.

Next Opponent

ISU at Missouri (1 pm 10/15)

Missouri is a team that is very hard to read.  They have played very well at times and at other times not.  It will be there homecoming this week which is never fun.  Despite how Missouri plays, we need to look ourselves and find a way to play better.  If we can do that, we have every opportunity to win this game.  If we don’t, well it will be another disappointing outcome.  Don’t lose faith.  As always, Go Clones!

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