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Top 25 Rock and Roll Performers

Well, we have reached another Friday.  As you may have seen the pattern going, Fridays have a post involving music.  This is because Fridays are my favorite day of the week and it is always good to have some music … Continue reading

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What Are You Doing To Make Sure You Are Living a Useful Life? Making The Most Of The Gift Of Life

When you are 85 years old and hanging out thinking back on your life, the question will most definitely run through your head is Did I live a useful life?  Since this question will be important to you then, it … Continue reading

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Success: It is All What You Think About

Success in anything you want to accomplish in life begins with your thinking.  The problem with too many people is that they don’t think about what they’re thinking.  I once heard a speaker say, “You will become that which you … Continue reading

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Sauteed Baby Squash with Basil and Feta

Here is another healthy recipe.  Looks really good.  I will definitely be making this one.  I love squash, basil, and feta each separately so I would imagine that the three of them together should be awesome!  Please let me know if … Continue reading

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I Love LA

OK everyone.  I am finally back from my sabbatical.  I hope everyone didn’t miss me too much.  Why in the world am I starting back on a Friday you say.  Well, I have this song stuck in my head today … Continue reading

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