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3 Ways to Make a Lasting Impression

Remember, everyone’s a resource.  So network, build relationships, and give employers and all the people you interact with a reason to remember you. So how are you supposed to stand out from the rest?  It’s not rocket science.  Simply follow … Continue reading

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5 Rules of Relationships

Use these simple relationship rules to improve your daily interaction with others: Get Along with Yourself The one relationship you will have until you die is with yourself.  Treat yourself with the respect and love you deserve. Value People You … Continue reading

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Long Long Time

Time for our weekly song. This has been one of my favorite sad songs for a long, long time (no pun intended).  If you have ever really loved someone, but they just did not love the same way back, you … Continue reading

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How to Live a Useful Life

When you are 80 years old, sitting in your porch rocking chair and reflecting on life, questions such as Did I live a useful life? will cross your mind.  There’s no doubt this question will be important to you at … Continue reading

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The 10 Friends You Need in Your Life

Sometimes in our lives it seems like friendships seem to come and go.  Buddies from high school who wrote in your yearbook, “We’ll be friends forever!” are sadly a distant memory.  Some of your closest friends from college, you very … Continue reading

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Key to Making Life Unique and Worthwhile

The key to making life really unique and worthwhile is to share.  Sharing has a certain unique magic of its own.  Here’s what I am learning in sharing ideas. If you share an idea with ten different people, they get … Continue reading

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New Uses For Old Things

Save Yourself a trip to Wal-Mart by putting some of your old stuff to a brand new use.  Here are 10 ideas for you to ponder: Egg Carton.  Take the bottom of an egg carton and use it as a … Continue reading

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Building Business Relationships

We’ve all heard that it’s not what you know but who you know that determines your success. But sales coach Jim Cathcart asks this: “Who is glad they know you?” That’s why people do business with others they know and … Continue reading

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Amazing Easter Weekend!

What an amazing, inspirational weekend it was this past weekend!  I was moved in about every way imaginable.  I wanted to give you a quick recap of what the weekend was like for me. So I started my fast on … Continue reading

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Waiting On An Angel

If you know me at all, you know that I absolutely love music.  I think it one of the best mediums available for expressing your feelings.  With that in mind, I am going to be posting one song a week … Continue reading

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